1. Safe Routes for Kids 

As parents and family members, we shouldn’t have to be afraid of our kids biking or walking to school, the park or a friend’s house. We need pedestrian and bike-friendly sidewalks to keep our kids safe. Bill will collaborate with the city and schools to plan and build safe walkable and bikable pathways.

2. Neighborhood Advocacy

South Tampa is a community of neighborhoods. Over the years, Bill has worked with neighborhoods throughout Tampa to address local issues, identify shared priorities, and take actions to realize our goal of better, healthier, and more livable communities. Once on City Council, Bill will continue to partner with neighborhoods to fulfill their needs and help them become even better places for you to live.

3. Arts

Bill will help grow the arts culture and economy in Tampa. The arts are essential to the vitality of our neighborhoods and our local economy.  As an economic driver, the arts employs people and brings money into our economy. A local arts scene enhances the vibrancy of our community creating more places to get together and enjoy our lives. 

4. Innovation

Bill will bring together entrepreneurs and the innovation/technology community to help make Tampa a vibrant place to start and grow businesses of the future. This will create jobs, attract top talent and help Tampa to be globally competitive.

 5. Transportation

Bill will ensure Tampa delivers the transportation improvements voters demanded by passing the All For Transportation referendum in November.  

In South Tampa, Bill will work with neighborhoods to expand and repair sidewalks, move or eliminate problematic signs and electrical polls, and computerize all traffic signals.  Bill will help fix rush hour bottlenecks by implementing modern transportation options including bicycle and rail connections to downtown and USF.  

Bill supports redesigning our roads to make them safe and efficient for all users by creating and implementing a master plan that the community has input on and can enthusiastically support, by focusing on major pedestrian corridors such as Bayshore, Bay-to-Bay, Swann, Howard, and MacDill. 

As Tampa addressees the various transportation projects, Bill will hold the City accountable for being good custodians of the public’s money and manage your tax dollars wisely. 

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bill Carlson for Tampa City Council District 4.