1. Supporting Public Safety  

As the crime rate has gone up in the past few years, Bill has had regular discussions with the PBA and police on the streets to learn more about the resources they need to solve the murder, violent crime and theft problems. They say the City is currently 200 officers short of where they were 15 years ago. And, due to admin work, fewer officers are in the field. So Bill has been advocating to help fill that gap and support the hard working men and women of our police force who put their lives on the line every day. 

Fire rescue response times have also gone up, so Bill is advocating for more stations, more rescue (ambulance) vehicles and more firefighters to make sure that South Tampa is protected. 

2. Neighborhood Advocacy 

South Tampa is a community of neighborhoods. Over the years, Bill has worked with neighborhoods throughout Tampa to address local issues, identify shared priorities, and take actions to realize our goal of better, healthier, and more livable communities. Once on City Council, Bill will continue to partner with neighborhoods to fulfill their needs and help them become even better places for you to live. 

3. Arts 

Bill has helped grow the arts culture and economy in Tampa by creating the Tampa Arts Alliance, the Ybor Ad Hoc Arts Group and supporting CRA investments in the arts. The arts are essential to the vitality of our neighborhoods and our local economy.  As an economic driver, the arts employ people and bring money into our economy. A local arts scene enhances the vibrancy of our community creating more places to get together and enjoy our lives.  

4. Innovation 

Bill has pushed for economic development reform that brings together entrepreneurs and the innovation/technology community to help make Tampa a vibrant place to start and grow businesses of the future. He also created the website with USF to help citizens objectively measure the successes of Tampa. These new approaches will create jobs, attract top talent and help Tampa to be globally competitive. 

 5. Transportation 

Bill has worked to promote fixing the roads and potholes in South Tampa. He has also promoted more funding for sidewalks and road crossings. In fact, he has helped paint road murals to make crossing safer. He will continue to push for more funding to make sure Tampa’s roads and neighborhoods are safe. 

6. Fiscal Watchdog

Bill has pored through the city’s budget to find ways for the city to save money and improve efficiencies. He has challenged wasteful spending and no bid contracts that take money away from important projects like paving roads. He will continue to hold city staff accountable for not wasting taxpayer money.  

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Bill Carlson for Tampa City Council District 4.